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Your logo is the foundation of your brand

A logo should be flexible enough to reflect all aspects of your brand and is essential to the success of your growing business. The way you present yourself and your business to the market should be positive, powerful, and leave a lasting impression.

All of our logos are created in-house from scratch. There’s no outsourcing, no clip-art, and no stock photos here. Just simple, thoughtful design to represent your small business. 

What makes a good logo?

A good logo can be challenging to create and should be:

  • Simple – straightforward and concise
  • Clean – keep design elements to a minimum
  • Scalable – if it doesn’t work at 20ft or 2in, it’s not going to work
  • Timeless – you don’t want your logo to loo dated in a few years
  • Original – a logo should be created just for you and your business
  • Good-looking in one color – there will be times you’ll need this





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Logo and Branding Design Pricing

From logo design strategy to finished concept, here’s how we do it.


Our process begins with the initial consultation. This is the who, what, why, and how of your business. Who are your target customers? What are your business goals? How will your logo be used? What colors and imagery should we consider or avoid? We learn about your business, your customers, and even your competitors. Then we use that information to develop a logo that will help you reach your goals.



What are your competitors doing? How are they doing it? What are similar industries doing? We take a deep dive into competitors and similar industries. We then brainstorm different approaches to craft a more impactful and effective website that will achieve your business goals.


Great logo design makes a great first impression. Your logo should be simple, easy to see at 20 feet tall or 2 inches tall, and work in a variety of applications. A logo needs to work across print media, like business cards, and digital media like websites and social media.

We’ll work with you to make sure you get a logo that portrays your business professionally.

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